Friday, January 16, 2004

A Greater Impact

I must admit that my knowledge of U.S. policies in Columbia is cursory at best. As a result, I will not dispute the position of our moderator and Columbian Presbyterians. Moreover, I accept the moderator's frustration over injustice as heart-felt. I am concerned, however, about the impotence of the PC(USA)'s response.

According to the PNS article "Not so moderate", Susan Andrews pledged to "redouble" our efforts to oppose military aid, "advocate" for more U.S. developmental aid, and "defend" the human rights of the Columbian people. Apparently, the Columbian media was impressed. However, I am not.

Does anyone believe that the Washington Office has any influence with Congress or the Bush Administration? The PC(USA) commands neither the money nor the votes to be effective lobbyists in Washington. I find it shameful that we would falsely raise the hopes of the suffering in Columbia.

The PC(USA) has very little control over the principalities and powers, but Christ does. Therefore, we have something more important to offer the Columbians. We have the gospel. Let's commit to sending more missionaries to Columbia. Let's redouble our efforts to support indigenous churches. Let's offer our resources to directly impact the lives of Columbians.
Perhaps these efforts will not impress the Columbia media, but I believe they will have a greater impact for justice in the kingdom of God.

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