Friday, December 22, 2006

Softly and Tenderly Calling?

As I opened the church's post office box today, I found a card addressed to me by name. It was from Union Pacific trying to entice me to a life on the rails.
This is a great time to begin a career at Union Pacific. We have a wide range of jobs open right now--jobs for electricians and mechanics, jobs for commercial drivers, electronic technicians and welders, even jobs for people who would like to be a conductor or an engineer somday. All these jobs pay well and come with great benefits packages.
As I read this, my mind was taken away to the engine car of a Union Pacific train. I could hear the horn, feel the moving parts, and see the sweeping majesty of the continental United States. Does Union Pacific have a policy of targeting pastors during the busy Christmas season? Does God's call come with a conductor's uniform and holepunch? I will never hear the lonely whistle of a train the same again.

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