Monday, September 01, 2008

Newsletter: Inheritance

The various committees of the church are thinking about the future. As we do every year, we are planning ahead. We are writing down goals and objectives, developing calendars, and haggling about who will do what. Sometimes the task is exciting as we anticipate all the possibilities. Sometimes the preparation seems a bit more tedious. Either way, the work we do is necessary. We are merely exercising good stewardship over the inheritance we have received from God.

Our inheritance is large. We have a wonderful building and facilities which are now enhanced by the remodeling of the sanctuary and the new organ. We have some financial resources entrusted to the church by friends past and present. We have the talents of members and staff. We have the hard work of individuals seeking to give their best to God.

Our inheritance is even larger than we realize. We have a good name. Granted, denominations are not as important as they once were, but historically, being Presbyterian meant something. A Presbyterian knew the Scriptures and supported the programs which promoted that knowledge. Whether through Sunday Schools, colleges, or seminaries, Presbyterians have always supported educational opportunities for children and adults. Presbyterians have been compassionate as well. Our parents in the faith built hospitals and orphanages, and they cared for the sick, the poor, and the lonely. Presbyterians have also been on the forefront of reaching the world for Jesus Christ. Thanks to missionaries and indigenous congregations, the Presbyterian church is most vibrant and alive in those areas which were once mission fields.

Even beyond these things, we have a greater inheritance. We have the gospel. God has entrusted the good news of Jesus Christ to us. We have the Scriptures. and the Sacraments. We have the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Many of us remember the story of Esau who sold his inheritance for a bit of lentil stew. That story should remain as a warning to us all. Encourage the elders of our church to be good stewards of our inheritance, but don’t wait for them. Each member of our congregation has a share in this inheritance. We all pray for the church. We offer our talents and gifts to the mission of the church. We are present in the life of the congregation.

What will do with the inheritance? Let’s put our blessings to work.

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