Monday, December 28, 2009

Found Content 2009/12/28

Here is a second installment of found content. Not all of the content is new. It's just a listing of discovered stuff that I found interesting. In a perfect world, I would blog each of them, but alas, this is not a perfect world.
  • Apparently the so-called "War on Christmas" has a longer history than many imagined. In the Philadelphia Inquirer, there was an article about how Jewish families wrestled with Christmas celebrations in the public schools at the beginning of the 20th Century. How do we best honor the religious freedoms of the majority and the minority?
  • Here is an article on how Hitler tried to use Christmas and the symbols of the season to serve the Nazi regime. Christ is completely removed from Christmas. Here is what a real "War on Christmas" looks like.
  • Look for radio ratings to change. Arbitron is moving away from pencil and paper logs. Apparently, people don't tell the truth about their listening habits. That means rating will no longer reflect our aspirations but our realities. I'm frightened of the results.
  • Reason magazine looks at the world of convenience and idling engines in its celebration of the Drive-through.
  • Looking for some shovel-ready projects for the 21st Century? Andy Kessler suggests that if the government is going to spend money on infrastructure, it should look to the future. What this country needs is a really good 5 cent wi-fi connection.
  • Admiral Mike Mullen is the chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has worked hard to make to keep the military apolitical moving from Bush to Obama. I liked what he said about his leadership style. Mullen patterns it after General George C. Marshall: "Lead quietly, lead listening."
  • Ann Kornblut has advice for women in public office taken from the experiences of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.
  • Finally, have you ever wanted to tour the West Wing. Here is a tour circa the George W. Bush administration.

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