Monday, January 04, 2010

Found Content

We're back with more Found Content (articles, video, etc) that caught our attention in recent days. Each one deserves more thought and comments, but I am writing less to write more.
  • Obituaries for 2009. Every year we have to say goodbye to people who have made a difference. Among those who made big headlines: Hans Beck who created Playmobil toys, Norman Bourlag who led the Green Revolution, and the artist Andrew Wyeth.
  • Worst. Decade. Ever. At least that is Reason TV's take on the political scene from 2000-2010.
  • How religious is your state? The Pew Forum has the results of a survey comparing each state in worship attendance, frequency of prayer, and belief in God.
  • Why is there such disparity between poor and rich countries? An Esquire article suggest that sound institutions--"the rule of law and security and a governing system which offers opportunities to achieve and innovate."
  • The pope's 2009 Christmas homily.
  • A Philadelphia Inquirer article about the Low Mass of the Dawn. For those looking for a quiet celebration of Christmas.
  • Jim Wallis of Sojourners discusses the spiritual implications of the current economic problems. He writes, "This could be a moment to reexamine the ways we measure success, do business and live our lives; a time to renew spiritual values and practices such as simplicity, patience, modesty, family, friendship, rest and Sabbath."

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