Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Recommeded Reading

I found a great article in the Presbyterian Outlook by a former professor, Dr. Richard Ray. He gives a moving introduction to The Rule of Benedict. I certainly recommend it, and also appreciate his comments on our church’s unity.
Scripture provides communal adhesion. To wear nametags at a new member reception is not enough. We only become reconciled across our differences into authentic Christian community as we absorb Scripture into our souls. Perhaps our heartfelt hunger for Scripture, an aching illiteracy of the heart, leaves us demanding more than we should of one another.

We should never underestimate the cost of true community. Nor should we overestimate its general appeal. It is a hard won act of supernatural grace. It is hard won at the Cross, hard won through the Spirit’s intellectual claims, and hard won even through fear of the Lord’s commands. Benedict, in his quiet way, said that as we enter into such processes, Christ becomes personally present and miracles occur. He understood that personal sanctity is one of the fibers out of which the whole tapestry of the church is woven. The Reformed theologians knew that and urged it.
Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Ray.

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